Leveraged Assets are externally oriented ExO-Tools that extend your SME-capabilities and -capacity

Rather than trying to own assets you may rent or share assets to minimize capital requirements and increase agility. Examples of leveraged assets are cloud computing (e.g. Amazon Webservices) , DIY workshops and fabrication studios (e.g. TechShop) or even assets from your customers.

Key questions you should ask yourself:

  • What type of fixed costs can we move off the balance sheet by renting them?
  • What processes can we outsource?
  • Is there spare capacity lying around which we could re-purpose?

In below 2 min. video Salim Ismail gives a brief introduction to Leveraged Assets

Leveraged Assets is one out of 10 ExO-techniques that have already helped start-ups grow exponentially.

Thanks to www.exocanvas.com + Gazelle Growth Institute