Staff-On-Demand is an externally oriented ExO-Tool which helps extend your SME-organization. 

Growing your SME by employing more people can reduce maneuverability and slow your company down.  Thanks to Internet-based services, all levels of work, including highly skilled labor, can now be outsourced.

Watch below 3 min. video by Salim Isamil giving a brief introduction to Staff-On-Demand

Key questions to ask yourself:

  • Can we build a cloud of external “employees”?
  • How could we have the best employees for each activity?
  • How should we find and hire?
  • By using an agency? Direct? Local? Remote? Platform?

SMEs typically can’t afford nor attract top notch experts with crucial value creating skills to become employees. And no matter how talented your employees are, chances are that many of them are becoming noncompetitive or they lack the skills to take your company to the next level. The half-life of a learned skill used to be about thirty years. Today it is down to about five years.

However, thanks to the internet, the cost of finding and tracking outside staff has dropped to almost zero and at the same time, the volume and quality of freelancers have gone up dramatically.

Why SMEs demand skills and competences from outside their core organization


  • Staff-On-Demand enables SMEs to access experts with up-to-date knowledge in many areas.
  • Staff-On-Demand resources are 100 % variable costs.


  • Knowledge-On-Demand: Staff-On-Demand knowledge may not be fully embedded in the core organization.
  • Team building and organization: Staff-On-Demand working physically separated and in different time zones from core organization.


  • Do SMEs and Staff-On-Demand understand each other – do they speak the same (business) language?
  • How will SME-managers be able to see the value created by Staff-On-Demand?
  • How will the changes initiated by working with Staff-On-Demand be sustained once their involvement is discontinued?

How SMEs can get access to these skills and competences : 

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Staff-On-Demand is one out of 10 ExO-techniques that have already helped start-ups grow exponentially.

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