Social Technologes are Exo-Tools that facilitate coherence and engagement within your SME-organization as well as with your community and clients.

Social Technologies foster horizontal interactions even in vertically organized companies. Most importantly, they reduce information latency—shortening the time from idea to acceptance and implementation.  Examples of social technologies include file sharing, telepresence, virtual worlds and emotional sensing tools. Social Technologies keep communication channels open. More communication allows for greater transparency, and importantly, this keeps the organization connected to its massive transformative purpose (MTP).

Watch below 2 min. video by Salim Ismail giving an introduction to Social Technologies

Key questions you should ask yourself:

  • How will we leverage social technologies to improve communication (within our team/community/clients)?
  • What social network/tools can we use?
  • Can we use social tools to do some of the work for us?

Social is one out of 10 ExO-techniques that have already helped start-ups grow exponentially.

Thanks to + The Aspen Institue + The Gazelle Growth Institute