An MTP is not a mission statement but rather an aspirational statement of what an organization hopes to accomplish. An effective MTP can attract customers and employees and help create a community around a company. It can also shift the focus of teams from a company’s internal politics to its external impact.

Watch below 2 min. video by Salim Ismail giving an introduction to MTP

Key questions to ask yourself:

  • Why does the organization exist?
  • What is the purpose of the organization?
  • What is the target of the organization?
  • Do kids and grandmas understand it?

Think big

To chart the course and choose which digital technologies to use owners and managers must have a defined purpose with the company. Here it is important to think big and to think from the outside in. (MTP)

If you think small there are only few advantages in a digital strategy. Digital organizations and technologies are fundamentally exponentially scalable, and if you do succeed in thinking small, your business will soon be greater than your business model, reaching and passing your goal and you may lose your sense of direction.

If you think big and focus on what your business can achieve for your customers, stakeholders and / or society, then you will be able to create and engage a network of specialists and organizations where you can share knowledge and ideas – perhaps even mobilize the crowd for your case.


Act now

However, digitization and the threat of disruption does not wait while you formulate your MTP

As the owner and / or manager of an established SME you need to plot the course and steer your business at the same time. In contrast to start-up companies your business may have large fixed costs that must be covered by your existing business, and in contrast to large corporations you may not have a staff of analysts who can examine and evaluate the many new digital opportunities.

But less than a fully developed MTP may also suffice. Define as a minimum your long-term goals of your company and select 1 or 2 of ExO-tools, which you expect may help your company quickly to realize these goals. Digitization can then be launched and tested in small trials with important and loyal existing customers, which in this way can provide useful input to their value creation potential.

An MTP is the primary enabler of exponential growth by applying a number of the 10 ExO-Tools

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