You may use Staff-On-Demand if you want to:

  1. Develop new business ideas
  2. Access the latest breakthrough knowledge
  3. Compensate for lack of skilled staff locally
  4. Optimize costs and flexibility in staffing

At SMExO IVS and using CanopyLAB’s Learning Management System we have made it easy for you to start working with Staff-on-Demand. Our online course ”Growing SMEs Exponentially” covers everything you need.

The course will give you ideas and tools as to how you can employ Staff-On-Demand (Freelancers) to help grow your business. It will help you to:

  1. Understand the importance of Staff-on-Demand
  2. Define your growth ambitions
  3. Decide which competencies you need to find to fulfill your ambitions
  4. Establish a profile for the required behavioral pattern of your Staff-On-Demand
  5. Decide where your Staff-On-Demand should be placed in your organization
  6. Decide what you can and will offer to attract your Staff-On-Demand
  7. Find out where to contact the Staff-On-Demand you require
  8. Examine step by step how you will enable the Staff-On-Demand to initiate the task
  9. Select management and communication tools for your Staff-On-Demand project
  10. Select and prepare progress and output measurement for Staff-On-Demand and others

Right now, we are testing details of the course and therefore, you can use it free of charge!

Read more about the course and sign in here:

Growing SMEs Exponentially

We look forward to seeing your company grow!