SMEs typically can’t afford nor attract top notch experts with crucial value creating skills to become employees. And no matter how talented your employees are, chances are that many of them are becoming noncompetitive or they lack the skills to take your company to the next level. The half-life of a learned skill is rapidly decreasing.

How can SMEs benefit from using eternal experts, Staff-On-Demand (SoD), and what are the challenges?


  • Staff-On-Demand enables SMEs to access experts with up-to-date knowledge in many areas.
  • Staff-On-Demand resources are 100 % variable costs.


  • Knowledge: Staff-On-Demand knowledge may not be fully embedded in the core organization.
  • Organization: Staff-On-Demand working physically separated and in different time zones from core organization.


  • Do SMEs and Staff-On-Demand understand each other – do they speak the same (business) language?
  • How will SME-managers be able to see the value created by Staff-On-Demand?

At SMExO IVS and using CanopyLAB’s Learning Management System we have made it easy for you to start working with Staff-on-Demand. Our online course ”Growing SMEs Exponentially” covers everything you need.

Right now, we are testing details of the course and therefore, you can use it free of charge!

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Growing SMEs Exponentially

We look forward to seeing your company grow!