Whether you are a service provider, Original Equipment Manufacturer or a software platform builder it may be wise not only to look at what your service or product does but also what purpose it fulfills.

The digital age enables you to expand your reach and you need to integrate digital into your strategy.

If you think small there are only few advantages in a digital strategy. Digital organizations and technologies are fundamentally exponentially scalable, and if you do succeed in thinking small, your business will soon be greater than your business model, reaching and passing your goal and you may lose your sense of direction.

If you think big and focus on what your business can achieve for your customers, stakeholders and / or society, then you will be able to create and engage a network of specialists and organizations where you can share knowledge and ideas – perhaps even mobilize the crowd for your case.

Maybe you should have an MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose)? Read more =>

Thanks to “DIS/PLAY: We live and breathe digitally” who sparked the idea to this teaser.