20 to 30% of the working age population in Europe and the US engage in some form of independent work “Staff-On-Demand” – according to a 2016-survey from McKinsey&Co.

30% of these – 49 million “Freelancers” – had actively chosen independent work as their primary source of income – and, in order to stay competitive, must be highly skilled or even experts within their fields.

The remaining 70% were either casual earners, who use independent work for supplemental income and do so by choice; reluctants, who make their primary living from independent work but would prefer traditional jobs; or the financially strapped, who do supplemental independent work out of necessity.

McK’s survey found that only 15% of all “Staff-On-Demand” had used digital platforms to find work – but the numbers have probably grown – as has the number of platforms.

If you are an SME-manager Freelancers may be a way to access highly skilled experts who would not normally seek full-time employment with an SME.

Overall “Staff-On-Demand” may provide opportunities for SME’s if you:

  • want to develop/implement new business ideas.
  • want to access the latest breakthrough knowledge of relevance to your current business.
  • compensate for the lack of skilled staff locally.
  • optimize cost and flexibility in staffing.

At SMExO IVS we help SME-managers implement revolutionary digital business methods to grow rapidly and avoid Disruption. “Staff-On-Demand” is one such method.

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