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“Leaders in most industries still have a window for putting a bold digital strategy in place.

But it may not stay open long.”

A recent McKinsey & Co survey1) indicates that on average 35% of companies’ revenues worldwide are digitized.

The survey captured responses from 2,000 traditional companies in more than 60 countries, from an original panel of more than 15,000 companies.

 New digital entrants have already seized a significant share of revenue across regions and industries — 17% on average. While digital entrants hold 17% of total global revenue, they have 47% of digital revenue.

 Digital disruption is shaving 30% off incumbent revenue growth and 25% off growth in earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT). While digital entrants boost the size of an industry by increasing latent demand by roughly 0.5% a year, they also aggressively steal share from incumbents via new business models, roughly displacing 2 points of year-on-year growth on average.

 90% of companies indicated that they are engaged in some form of digitization, only 16% said their companies have responded with a bold strategy and at scale.

 The effect of a successful bold, at-scale move is roughly 4.5 points in EBIT and 6 points in revenue  On average, bold, at-scale responses pay off twice as much as semi-bold reactions and three times as much as medium reactions.

 Those that respond boldly, at [large] scale, and in a way that is fully embedded in their corporate strategy will be positioned to steal revenue and profits from the laggards and emerge from disruption with higher trajectories in both areas.”

1) The best response to digital disruption; by Jacques Buglin and Nicolas van Zeebroeck

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Businesses clinging to traditional business plans and linear growth are disappearing. Thriving organizations are the ones embracing new technological advancements and scaling for exponential growth. They are altering their strategy and embracing new technology to ensure their future success.

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Every business that’s changed the game to has done one thing: they dramatically disrupted the way they operate. It led them to alter their old structure and improve the very foundation of their business mindset.

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