Businesses clinging to traditional business plans and linear growth are disappearing. Thriving organizations are the ones embracing new technological advancements and scaling for exponential growth. They are altering their strategy and embracing new technology to ensure their future success.

Growth Institute offers this free webinar from bestselling author Salim Ismail, whose teachings and methods have shifted the way businesses operate all over the world.

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Every business that’s changed the game to has done one thing: they dramatically disrupted the way they operate. It led them to alter their old structure and improve the very foundation of their business mindset.

DISCLAIMER: At SMExO IVS we are not associated with Growth Institute but recognize their effort in supporting business growth through online training. As regards Salim Ismail and his Exo Works team we have been and continue to be in contact regarding our ambition to help SME-managers employ ExO-tools for exponential growth.