Many companies are experiencing a major attack on traditional business models due to radical technological innovation.

How can you survive the attack and use technology for rapid growth?

As a manager of an incumbent SME you need to plot the course and steer your business at the same time. In contrast to start-up companies who are digital natives, and in contrast to large corporations who have a staff of analysts to examine and evaluate the many new digital opportunities.

For an SME, it is difficult, expensive and risky to hire a highly skilled analyst. However, you can do it in another and easier way: thanks to the internet it costs next to nothing to find and cooperate globally with external top specialists, and the number and quality of freelancers is growing dramatically. Lots of fast-growing companies use them.

At SMExO IVS and using CanopyLABs LMS we have made it easy for you to start. Our online course ”Growing SMEs Exponentially” covers everything you need to make use of competent, external people.

Right now, we are testing details of the course and therefore, you can use it free of charge!

Read about the course and sign in here:

We look forward to seeing your company prosper.

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