Do you want to guard against obsolescence and DISRUPTION?

In the past, the skills of your employees lasted for many years. Now they lose value and relevance in very few years. This reflects on your company. Also, entirely new competencies must be added.

Thanks to the internet you can add top competencies to your company and your employees. Now it costs next to nothing to find and cooperate globally with external top specialists. They are flexible and the costs are variable. The number and quality of freelancers is growing dramatically and lots of companies use them.

At SMExO IVS and using CanopyLABs LMS we have made it easy for you to start. Our online course” Growing SMEs Exponentially” covers everything you need to make use of competent, external people.

Right now, we are testing details of the course and therefore, you can use it free of charge!

Read about the course and sign in here:

Growing SMEs Exponentially: Staff-On-Demand

We look forward to seeing your company prosper.

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